Superplastic Forming

Superplastic Forming is a forming technique using material heated to the super plastic state. This provides a high elongation ratio, which is required for complex shapes.
This process utilizes precisely controlled temperatures and gas pressures in order to control deformation rates.

Superplastic Forming Press (SPF)

  • Metallic or ceramic platens up to 138in x 80in
  • Hot box with temperature homogeneity at 1800°F
  • High accuracy and repeatability of ram position
  • High accuracy of gas management system, with multiple lines
  • Option of dual capacity of SPF/HF for optimized quality and cycle time
  • Easy integration of automated die and part handling system
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Tool design/manufacture and on-site set-up

Machine tonnage range is from 60T to 3000T

Typical parts produced on this type of machine are : Titanium, Aluminum, and Nickel based alloy parts, pylon panels, nacelle panels, firewalls, engine parts, fan and OGV

Superplastic Forming Press (SPF)

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